Monday, July 24, 2006

The First Edition of Phideas QuoVadis™ is finally released!

This is it. At last we've released the first edition of Phideas' first Advanced & Smart Electronic Monitoring System. Each module involved in the system has been stressed to its limits and has finally passed all the tests in conjunction with the other QuoVadis™ elements that qualify for the release. We've pushed the enveloppe and we're confident our product will satisfy most demanding customers and hope they'll enjoy using QuoVadis™ as much as we've enjoyed developing it. The system will allow lone workers and other staff on the field to be efficiently seconded in their duties and will provide them with the extra-security they need in case of emergency allowing them to be more focused and safer. Business managers will be pleased too as they'll experience productivity increase and costs reductions while raising safety standards, retaining staff and customers, and winning new contracts. Of course there's always room for improvements and we trust our customers and partners will let us know about their experiences with our system and any extra-feature they'd like to see in future editions. On the meanwhile we'll keep on supporting them 100%+ making sure they use QuoVadis™ to its best ability.